Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium Nepal Couldn't Pick up Speed Due to Lack of Funds


Construction of the Gautam Buddha International Cricket stadium could not pick up due to the lack of funds. In the stadium, only 30-35 people are working days due to a lack of manpower and funds. Previously more than 300 workers were regular. That manpower is also not regular these days.

The Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation has worked in coordination with the Bharatpur Municipal Corporation. The Chairman of the foundation Sitaram Kattel said that the work could not move forward due to a lack of funds. Stating that the general manpower is working, he said that the work has been hampered due to a lack of funds since last summer.

Work worth Rs. 530 million has been done in the stadium so far, of which more than Rs. 160 million is yet to be paid, said Chief Accountant Mukti Timilsina. He said, "As of mid-July, we could not pay the suppliers. The work could not be done due to a lack of equipment. ”

According to him, the manpower has not been used for regular work till July 30. Content givers are increasingly demanding money. Chairman Kattel says that the stadium has been able to do a lot of work with the manpower of up to 315 people working daily.

Stating that 35 per cent of the work has been completed in a period of one year from July 1 last year, he said that 50 per cent of the work would have been completed if there was no financial shortage. He said that the stadium will be completed in the next year if the money is raised. Floor and para fit finishing work is currently underway. He says that if there is a budget, the work of the slope will move forward. 

He informed us that he has been trying to raise financial support in Kathmandu for some time now. He said that he was taking the initiative to mobilize financial assistance from the Finance Minister, Sports Ministry and other agencies.

Chief of the Bharatpur Municipal Corporation, Renu Dahal, said that a letter was sent to the new finance minister demanding a budget for the stadium, Narayani river embankment and administrative building of the metropolis.

She said, "We are committed to complete the construction of the stadium as soon as possible with the help of federal, state and metropolitan donors." Stating that the stadium is an important project in the metropolis, she clarified that she is working to raise the necessary funds to speed up its work.

A stadium is being constructed on 22 bighas, 16 kathas and five dhurs of land. In the detailed project report, it has been stated that a stadium will be constructed in 154,506 square meters and 30,000 people can sit inside and watch the game.

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