How to do 10 Minutes of Daily Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat?

Busy diaries, stress and cluttered diets are an integral part of modern urban life.  These are the three reasons that are making us unhealthy and making our body the home of disease.

Lately, diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes have become common.

There is another reason for this - we are in the debate of tasteful tongues.  We can't hold back.  We feed the tongue with sweet things.  We plump the body by protecting it from hard work.  The more you bridge your body and tongue, the more you get drunk.

Exercise is not enough for the urban body that works sitting in one place.

Consequences: As we get older, our body becomes infected.

So what to do - stop eating?  Leaving the city?  Leaving work because of stress?

No  Proper combination of eating and physical labor.  Today in this article we will talk about physical exertion.

Many people think - where to find time to do physical work, where to get vitality?

Okay - you can get ten minutes of exercise a day, lively and patient, right?  Can you take ten minutes for yourself?

Not only the effects of busy lifestyle but also the muscles of our body get weaker and weaker with age.  We need to do some exercise to keep her healthy.  If not, our body will become weaker and weaker than time.  With the disease, the mind also becomes weak.

For physical fitness and healthy living, we need to give ourselves only 10 minutes in 24 hours of the day.  If you can give yourself so much time every day, you are more likely to get rid of the grief and hassle of years.

Here we are discussing 5 exercises that can be done in a short time, which are considered to be scientifically effective.  Because of their effectiveness, these exercises are now gaining popularity around the world.

1.  Planck

Plank is a body-bending exercise.  This should only be done for two minutes at a time.  Doctors say that even if you do it for more than two minutes, it will not add any benefit.

How to do: Kneel in a situation like pushing up.  Leaning the part of the hand below the elbow.  Straightening the body.  When sitting like this, the toes should be leaning on the ground.  The body should be parallel to the ground.

Now keep the body still for two minutes in this position.  By doing this, all the strength of the body falls on the waist, back, abdomen and hips.  Plank is effective for 2 minutes and can be done.

If you are very fat or very weak, it is difficult to do for 2 minutes at the beginning.  Planck doesn't do 2 minutes at the beginning.  In the beginning, hold on as much as you can.  15, 20, 30 seconds, stand as long as you can and rest for a few seconds.

Then start again.  Repeat this process three times at a time.  Gradually the body capacity increases and you can plank for 2 minutes at a time.

Things to keep in mind: The body, arms and legs should be straight while doing this exercise.  Don't insist on doing it for two minutes at a time.  As the body gets stronger, it can be done slowly for two minutes.

As the weight of the body falls on the arm, it is better not to do it as there is a problem of breaking and hurting.  Do not do this exercise during menstruation and in pregnant women.

Benefits: This exercise focuses on your hips, abdomen, hips, and back.  Reduces unnecessary belly and hip fat and strengthens muscles.  Improves the posture of the spine which protects you from the problem of crookedness and back pain.

2.  Side plank

This is an exercise done by flattening the part of the hand below the elbow as in plank.  One hand is bent and the other is placed on the waist.  This can be done twice for two minutes.

How to do: Turn your back and straighten your arms as mentioned above.  Touch only the area below the knee and place one foot on top of the other.  Put one hand on the waist.  To keep the body straight and toned.  Now slowly move the body up and down.

When the body goes down, the waist touches the ground for a second and lifts it up.  It is enough to do this exercise up to 15 times at a time.  Do 15/15 times on the right and left side and rest.  Do the same process again.

Things to keep in mind: The body, arms and legs should be straight while doing this exercise.  Initially, it is done up and down 5 times, gradually up to 15 times.  But, do not do it more than three times a day.  As the weight of the body falls on the arm, it is better not to do it as there is a problem of breaking and hurting.  Do not do this exercise during menstruation and in pregnant women.

Benefits: This exercise mainly reduces the fat on the right and left sides of the abdomen.  Strengthens and tightens the muscles of the thighs, abdomen and hips.  Combining plank and side plank is the overall exercise of the abdomen.

3.  Sleeping Cycling

This exercise is like lying on a flat floor and riding a bicycle.  Do this for a total of two minutes.

How to do: Sleep on the floor with the body straight.  Now slowly lift the light head.  Keep both hands straight in front as if holding the handle of a bicycle.  Or you can put your hands on your head.  Raise both knees straight up (90 degrees) and bend.  Lift the hips slightly so that the force falls on your hips.  Keeping head and arms stable.  Slowly move both feet like pedalling a bicycle.

You can do this 50 times in the beginning and 100 times later.  When running in this way, the head and hips must be lifted.  Do the same process again.  If you find it difficult to lift your head, you can do it while sleeping.  But, lifting is very effective.

Things to keep in mind: Do not cycle during menstruation and pregnant women.  In the beginning, do less time and gradually increase it to two minutes.

Benefits: Cycling works all your muscles.  Strengthens the shoulder and hip muscles.  Reduces unnecessary fat in the abdomen, thighs, hips and back.  It strengthens and tightens the muscles, mainly by reducing the overall leg fat, including the thighs and hips.

4.  Jump Squat

After three sleep exercises, let's talk about two exercises to get up.  Jump squats help us lose weight overall.

How to do: Jump squat is a jumping exercise.  We can do this even in a small space.  But when he jumps, he stands in an open place so that he does not hit the left or the right.

Stretch both arms straight.  Standing up straight.  Now slowly move the hip down as if sitting in a chair.  Doing so should not shrink your calf and back.  Keep your hands straight.  Now keep your body in the same chair for 4/5 seconds.  Now jump up from the same seat.  Giving full power to the body while jumping in this way.  Return to the chair seat immediately after jumping.  Sit for 5 seconds, jump again.  Do this 10 times in a row.  Rest for 15 seconds and repeat the same process 10 times.

Things to keep in mind: Do not do jump squats during menstruation and pregnant women.  Do it 10 times, not 5 times in the beginning.

Advantages: Jump squats move the whole body.  It helps a lot to lose weight and keep the body fit.  It exercises the head, whole arms, legs, back, abdomen and hips.  Strengthens your hip, back and hip muscles and improves spinal posture.  Reduces back pain.  Strengthens the hips and reduces unnecessary fat on the hips and back.  Jump squats make you instantly fresh and energetic as you jump.

5.  Fly Away

The English name of this exercise means 'cutting wood'.  This exercise is done in the same way.  You can also take a 2/3 kg dumbbell to make this standing exercise more effective.  Otherwise, you can use a one and a half / two-litre bottle full of water or any force. Not necessarily, it is comfortable and effective.

How to do it: It is an exercise done while standing up.  When you walk, stand upright in the open space so that you do not hit the left and the right.  Standing up straight.  Slowly tearing the legs.  Make a distance of 1/2 foot between your legs according to your body.

Now hold the dumbbell or bottle horizontally with both hands horizontally.  Without these items, it is like holding hands tightly, holding a banjo or a cricket bat.

In the same posture, now turn to the right or left and bend slightly to cut the wood.  When doing this, your hand should be shaken lightly.  Keep the legs stable and move the whole body.

Do this from left to right 15/15 times continuously.  Rest for 15 seconds and repeat the same process 15/15 times.

Things to keep in mind: Do not fly during menstruation and pregnancy.  In the beginning, do it 15 times, not 5/10 times.  Don't carry heavy dumbbells, bottles or anything.

Benefits: Ud Chap is a whole-body exercise.  It helps a lot to lose weight and keep the body fit.

Mainly the right arm exercises are done and the fat on the right and left side of the waist is reduced.  It also affects the head, legs, knees, back, abdomen and hips.

This exercise strengthens and tightens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and neck as well as the back and hips.  Reduces back pain and strengthens the thighs.

When you stop and resume the exercise, take a few seconds to breathe in and relax.  You can increase the time gradually after you start exercising, don't try to do too much at once.

You can do all these exercises if you can take ten minutes for yourself.  However, it is difficult to do any of these exercises for a couple of minutes at the beginning.

Many people initially try to do these exercises for a long time.  The body does not move and leaves in the middle.

You should not do that.  There is a saying in English - Go slow to go far.  That is, if you want to go far, go slowly.

You also start slowly but firmly.  It is not necessary to start all five exercises at once.  Start with one or two.  Keep doing ten seconds, fifteen seconds.

But in the end, be determined to do all five exercises regularly.

The 10 minutes you give yourself every day keeps the body healthy and wholesome.  Keeps the body relatively strong even with age.

Your ability to work increases, happiness is added.  Why not spare ten minutes daily for yourself?

(Prepared in collaboration with various international news outlets.)

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